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Following our presentation today, feedback indicated that our overall design proposals were great however, a couple of points mentioned was that firstly,we could of had an overall introduction explaining the sites opportunities and constraints and secondly, more photos could of been used to support our plans.
Posted 16 May 2014 14:39
Our final design proposals after making several changed to our concept plans. Furthermore, trees and paths have been re-positioned and the running track now extends further into the estate.
Posted 16 May 2014 13:38
An updated concept plan after expanding our site beyond the original site boundary.
Posted 15 May 2014 11:45
After a group tutorial with the landscape architect Paul Gray, we realised that our outdoor sports park shouldn't just be confined within the site boundaries but rather expand into the estate, in an attempt to 'draw' people in.
Posted 14 May 2014 12:51
Our precedent for our site in Sale in which we're focussing on 'sharing spaces'. Our vision is to create an outdoor sports park that brings the current isolated community of Sale together.
Posted 12 May 2014 23:04
A modern suburban housing estate on the rural-urban fringe of Wilmslow. Note how every house has a unique style in terms of its architecture; something which much of Sale fails to achieve.
Posted 7 May 2014 23:18