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Day 6 - Installed our work and observed the public's reaction to it.
[Image: the installation in use: one the three swings installed on the bus stops outside All Saints Park]
Posted 15 May 2014 17:48
Day 5 - Brought in reclaimed materials and began developing ideas for a final, public installation.
[Image: Using a blowtorch to create textures in wood, as inspired by our collaborator]
Posted 15 May 2014 17:46
Day 4 - Experimented with guerrilla gardening techniques, creating tiny scenes in random locations across the MMU campus.
[Image: a mini lakeside bonfire scene next to a puddle outside the Chatham building, complete with lake monster]
Posted 8 May 2014 21:23
Day 3 - Used clay and plaster to pick up and cast details of buildings around the MMU campus.
[Image: a plaster casting of part of the inscription on the arts building]
Posted 6 May 2014 22:53
Day 2 - Walked around MMU campus, filling in cracks in buildings with Lego blocks.
[Image: a filled in crack on the arts building that faces All Saints Park]
Posted 6 May 2014 22:51
Day 1 - Went around to look at stalled construction sites and how they have been unofficially reappropriated.
[Image: stickers on a stalled construction site asking what the public wishes the site would become]
Posted 6 May 2014 22:49