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Day 6
The mushroom bottles were cut and hung from the structure and the presentation sheets were displayed.
Posted 16 May 2014 18:30
The construction of the final installation was completed.
Posted 13 May 2014 12:01
Day 4
In a small group we began to research and create presentation pages for the final day, 16th May.
Posted 7 May 2014 15:42
Day 3
Construction began using the wooden crates.
Posted 7 May 2014 15:38
Day 2
We presented our ideas to the group and decided to merge them all together into one structure. We then planted the mushroom seeds into empty bottles and pots using coffee waste as fertiliser.
Posted 6 May 2014 21:12
Day 1
We began by splitting into groups of 4 and designing our own urban mushroom farm made out of crates.
Posted 6 May 2014 20:59