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Bird Paradise.
Posted 16 May 2014 20:10
Session 5 / Using reclaimed materials (an old chutney barrel, obscure piece of metal and a broken lamp) we created a bird feeder/ wind chime to be installed in All Saints park.
Posted 16 May 2014 20:06
Session 4 / Swan Lake.
Posted 9 May 2014 00:58
Session 3 / Casting! An interesting process worth learning. We were able to replicate specific details taken around the MMU campus unearthing a yellow brick road...
Posted 9 May 2014 00:48
Session 2 / This began with a discussion, led by Stephen Rimmer, surrounding his work within Oldham. Sustaining a similar attitude we began repairing cracks around the MMU campus using Lego.
Posted 9 May 2014 00:34
Session 1 / Introducing the event [re-appropriate] and in turn the 'Intimate Cities' atelier. This session entailed visits to a few stalled construction sites. Discussions took place around possible architectural interventions.
Posted 9 May 2014 00:20