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Our Events experience ended with an exhibition, where we exposed our garments and our presentation sheets, along with our fellow colleagues. It was exciting to see our work in the shop and discuss with others about its impact, finalising a fun and engaging experience for all of us.
Posted 14 May 2014 18:25

With our garment finished and constructed, we took it outside in an urban context and prepared our presentation. I was pleased to see how the garment resisted in the Mancunian weather and how it blended into the outdoor space.
Posted 14 May 2014 16:36

We decided upon doing two different items, a skirt which will transform into a tent and an umbrella which could be used as a chair. My bedroom became our personal workshop and while we had difficulties with the design, we further adapted it to be constructable and still fit its double-purpose.
Posted 14 May 2014 15:56

With our designs sorted out, we headed to our site visit at Grumpy to purchase materials necessary for the construction of the garment. Grumpy has a variety of materials and after the shopping session, we sat down and planned how we will construct the garment with the new purchases.
Posted 14 May 2014 15:52

After we decided where and what our designs are aiming for, we received precious advice from dr. Annie Shaw, who talked to us about various connections between fashion and its functionality and helped us better decide about what we will construct for our garment.
Posted 14 May 2014 15:45

The first day was a great introduction to the main theme of the Events and we had the opportunity to pick our team mate and develop ideas for our design. The subject is the creation of a wearable shelter and we tried to enhance that aspect of a garment through various sketches.
Posted 14 May 2014 15:37