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Day 6: Well done everyone, the exhibition and final installations looked great. Been a great two and a half weeks working with everyone in Event 11.
Posted 16 May 2014 23:48
Day 5: Designing the final intervention with reclaimed materials to reappropriate the MMU campus. Design session excellently led by collaborator Stephen Rimmer.
Posted 16 May 2014 23:26
Day 4: Micro modelling in forgotten and overlooked spaces around MMU, including pot holes and cigarette boxes. The models attracted attention from other students appreciating the designs and the subversive messages presented by many.
Posted 8 May 2014 15:11
Day 3: This session was carried out casting elements of the broken and forgotten textured elements of the MMU campus learning to appreciate textured surfaces missed by many in a rush.
Posted 6 May 2014 14:19
Day 2: Following an excelent presentation by Stephen Rimmer into his work carrying out guerrilla repairs on public furniture in Oldham using reclaimed materials, we repaired the MMU campus with LEGO.
Posted 6 May 2014 13:56
Day 1: Introduction to Reappropriate MMU. Learning how to reappropriate forgotten and under utilised spaces, using Manchester stalled construction sites as the precedent.
Posted 6 May 2014 13:43