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The final day of our event was spent looking at our final pieces, drawing conclusions and pinning up photos of our work from the sessions. We talked about what we learned and how we felt about the overall event – which was all very positive!
Posted 15 May 2014 20:00
As a group we reclaimed unwanted materials and created an object or piece with an entirely new use out of them. With an old clothes horse, folding blind and wood scraps we were able to create a planter to brighten up the MMU campus.
Posted 14 May 2014 23:15
By using micro-modelling and guerrilla gardening in this session around the All Saint’s Park we were able to appreciate spaces on a small scale and enjoy the reactions of those who noticed the miniature scenes we had created.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:08
In this session we were introduced to casting with clay imprints and plaster casting, the aim was to bring attention to the hidden details around the MMU campus and showcase these minute details that are so often overlooked in everyday life.
Posted 8 May 2014 21:57