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Day 7: (Exhibition)
On the Final Day, we held a exhibition on the ground floor of Chatham (Courtyard), it was some what was a successful exhibition.
Posted 17 May 2014 00:12
In day 6 we started to build a smaller structure which will accommodate a laptop, which will be playing a video of the building of the first structure.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:30
Day5: (Part 2)
In second part of day 5 the structure was completed.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:28
In day 5 we came up with a final idea for the structure and started to make the structure outside, on the ground floor of Chatham in the courtyard.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:27
In day 2 we received the excess coffee powder from the coffee machines at the cafe in Chatham, and used that as soil to grow our mushrooms in which has been proven to work, we nuzzled the coffee excess into see through plastic bottles and seed of the Oyster mushrooms.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:25
In day 3 we went to the Biospheric Farm, to get a broader idea of what our objectives were.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:20
In day 1 we had to come up with ideas for a structure to accommodate the mushrooms.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:16