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And in the final day we presented our design ideas to the whole group,our 5th year coordinators,David and Eddy.It was very interesting watching presentations from the other groups as well because we all had to design with the same aim but every group chose a different aspect to develop and change for the future of China town.Designing a site considering the character that it creates and especially when it has to do with a whole new culture was a very useful aspect that events tought us to consider from now on this year.In the picture you can see our final masterplan with a section through the middle of it which was part of our final outputs for the event.
Posted 15 May 2014 23:40
After our research on Chinese culture and the Feng Shui,we started investigating ways of interpreting these elements with our site in China town.The picture shows a sketch that we produced in that stage of the design.It is actually showing how could we use these elements in the car park site of China town in order to give it the character as well as the function that we needed.
Posted 15 May 2014 23:29
That was one of the preliminary stages of our design development.Research about Chinese culture and philosophy as well as Feng Shui were our inspiration for creating our design for China town in Manchester.
Posted 15 May 2014 21:16
The second part of the day was to go for a walk in China town in Manchester and observe as a first stage before meeting our groups and analyse what we found.I was particularly interested in materiality used in the landscape of China town as well as vegetation,because I think these are the elements that are creating the distinctive character of the area.
Posted 10 May 2014 14:06
In our first meeting Dr. David Haley gave us a talk on Chinese cities and presented us some of his Chinese students work.It was really interesting and inspiring as it gave us a different perspective on the subject and so our ideas for future China towns could be brodened.
Posted 10 May 2014 12:39
Our first task,before our first meeting,was to write a brief essay on our interests about today's and future Chinese city based on the discussion of some thesis about Chinese urbanism which we were given.
Posted 10 May 2014 12:14