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09: Output - Using Arup's model of oxford road and the combination of C++ programming and each teams research a 3D visualisation was accomplished of our data
Posted 16 May 2014 23:50
08: Teamwork
Posted 16 May 2014 23:46
07: Development of our ideas - Our team formed a walkthrough of Oxford road to understand how are data could be experienced by the user.

Having gained our own data we then drew comparisons and relationships between the other groups data and displayed it on a map of oxford road.
Posted 16 May 2014 01:16
06: Game and Programming exploration - having been introduced to a game development programme today I developed my own 2D 'Temple Run' which put into consideration the concepts previously learnt like that of the 'If' statement and new ideas like 'interaction' and 'animation'.
Posted 14 May 2014 22:12
05: If and Else experiment - Local rules are not independent. Through interactive experiments it was understood that there are a number of external components that influence such scripts (when applied to real life scenarios).
Posted 14 May 2014 20:14
04: Groups now present how there data collection can be visualized in 3D
Posted 14 May 2014 10:50
03: Data collection and diagramming of teams venture (Career differences between UoM and MMU students)
Posted 8 May 2014 23:51
02:Ulysses Sengupta data lecture - 'Be critical of all research data because it is out of date as soon as it is produced'
Posted 6 May 2014 20:59
01: Introduction - Exploration of simulation where multiple solutions and their outcomes are tested before the construction process even begins.
Posted 6 May 2014 20:44