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After hanging the final few hats, the installation was complete and looked amazing!
Posted 17 May 2014 12:58
Standing on the scaffolding made for a great view of the sky of hats we had created!
Posted 17 May 2014 12:57
On Friday the team finished off the installation by hanging smaller threads of hats across the rest of the net.
Posted 17 May 2014 12:56
By the end of Thursday the screen had been completed and looked beautiful. Surprisingly, it looked almost identical to the computer model we had made and we were all really pleased with the result.
Posted 17 May 2014 12:54
The hats quickly took shape, and by lunch time the central part of the installation was nearing completion.
Posted 17 May 2014 12:53
The very first thread being hung! Each thread was carefully hung in place according to the grid we had already modelled.
Posted 17 May 2014 12:51
By the time I arrived at the church on Thursday, the installation had already begun and the net was hung across the balustrades. The scaffolding had been erected and we were ready to start hanging the threads of hats carefully from the net.
Posted 17 May 2014 12:50
Stretching out the net to work out where the hats will be hung from and how much it will give under their weight.
Posted 13 May 2014 16:55
The boxes used to store the completed bundles of threaded hats are filling up! By the end of day 4 the hats and threads required to make the screen are completed and ready to install.
Posted 9 May 2014 19:29
To hang the installation, a fishing net will be stretched across the ceiling of the church, and each thread of paper hats carefully hooked on. We decided on using curtain hooks to hang the threads from. Knotting them was a fiddly process to say the least!
Posted 9 May 2014 19:21
The patching process involves threading the hats together and using duct tape to separate them, before bundling them together ready to put on the hooks.
Posted 9 May 2014 19:14
In order to hang the hats, 380 threads needed to be measured, cut, separated and marked ready for the 'patching' process.
Posted 9 May 2014 19:12
Modelling the installation using computer software enabled us to accurately work out how many hats, threads and hooks we will require to make the installation and how it will fit into the church.
Posted 9 May 2014 19:10
Hats, hats and more hats. By day 2 we have made over 3,800 and can now all probably fold them with our eyes shut!
Posted 9 May 2014 19:08
The aim of our project is to create and install a backdrop and screen for the hat show taking place in St Mary's church in Stockport. These are the first of many paper hats to be made and strung up to form the installation!
Posted 9 May 2014 19:07