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Day 05 - 07/05/2014 : Creative Writing
Posted 16 May 2014 00:04
Work in progress.
Drawing a comic book using Northern Quarter as an inspiration. I'm trying to combine pictures of different sites with the comic book drawings.
The story is inspired my the people we met during this event.
Posted 15 May 2014 23:43
Day 04 - 06/05.2014: Architectural narrative and comic making
After spending the whole morning in Northern Quarter interviewing people and getting ideas, we moved back to the studio. Here we analysed how people experienced space and represented a short story in comic book style drawings.
Posted 10 May 2014 00:12
Day 03 - 02/05/14 : Editing
Creating a short video by using the footage from the previous day.
Posted 9 May 2014 23:47
Day 02 - 01/05/2014: Filming
After finding inspiration in a session of architectural films, we headed to the city centre to take some footage of our own.
Posted 9 May 2014 23:39
Day 01 30/04/2014
Urban sketching.
Posted 9 May 2014 23:14