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What better way to celebrate the success of the project than with champagne! Special thanks to Jane for the nice treat!
Posted 16 May 2014 12:10
The micro-shelter completed - fully complying with the client requirements - shelter, openness, waste materials, and can fit more than 6 people inside.
Posted 16 May 2014 12:06
Final Day: Micro-shelter 'delivered' on-site according to schedule. Its components are to be assembled on site.
Posted 16 May 2014 07:41
Girl power! Great job done only with a couple of hours with team efforts!
Posted 14 May 2014 12:27
Day 8: Site preparation for installation of the Micro-shelter on the following day. Removing shrubs and weeds, digging out soil to level the ground and placing concrete paving flags for structural support.
Posted 14 May 2014 12:21
Day 4: Group reviewing and discussing the latest design proposal on the TV screen. Everyone is actively engaged in the decision making.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:24
Day 5: Good to have Paul on the team. He knows what he's doing when it comes to timber.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:19
Day 5: Paul, Arjun, Seong and Lizzie cutting pallets to required sizes at the MMU timber workshop.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:15
Day 5: Team efforts help us assemble a gesign mock-up in no time.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:12
Day 3: Tech consultation with Steve O'Conner - giving us useful advice on the structural aspects of the design.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:05
Day 4: Marco's concept image of our Micro-shelter proposal to be sent t client.
Posted 8 May 2014 22:03
Day 2: Bringing a real pallet (our primary building block) to studio helped the students a lot in better understanding the limitations, challenges but also the opportunities of designing with pallets. It made them consider information that 3D digital models were not capable of providing.
Posted 6 May 2014 22:30
Day 2: Me and Tiffany reviewing initial design ideas for the Micro-shleter.
Posted 6 May 2014 22:22
Day 1: We visited the site and met with the client (collaborator) we are doing the project for. She explained her specific requirements and site restraints.
Posted 6 May 2014 22:14