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Mr. Edward Fox and Dr. David Haley gave us useful suggestions. For the future project development, all the groups could communicate after today's presentation, all their works put together could be amazing !
Posted 18 May 2014 11:37
Wonderful presentation of each group.
Posted 18 May 2014 11:33
Feedback and guide for the further development. All the groups did great jobs so far. All they need to do is visualizing all their information and thoughts into diagrams.
Posted 13 May 2014 22:10
Tutorial session. Students brought their interim outputs and each group had 20 minutes for presentation and discussion.
Posted 13 May 2014 22:06
After Dr. David Haley's lecture and Chinatown visiting, the students did brain storming in group, then gave brief presentations about their topic.
Posted 13 May 2014 22:01
Good communication with Chinese students from ZUT. Their projects are including green space study in campus, old building recycling, CBD in Zhengzhou, garbage recycling, etc. Very illuminating.
Posted 13 May 2014 21:47